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Red & Paul

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It’s December! The last month of the year.

The holiday month & the most wonderfull time.

The time for Christmas & family. And time to add some sparkles and red to your outfit.

Make it a lovely month!

Bag: Pauls Boutique

Glasses: Charlie Temple

Nails: OPI ‘I sing in color’

Coffe: Starbucks What else…

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Babygirl Olivia-Fay My Outfits The House Of Kelly

Olivia-Fay & Fall


When i think of fall, i think of all the falling leaves. And by thinking of falling leaves, i think of the cold is coming….

And unfortunately the rain. But let’s forget that part really soon….;)

So with the first falling leaves we stepped outside with two new friends for Olivia-Fay and shot some cute pictures with Olivia-Fay. Continue Reading

Babygirl Olivia-Fay The House Of Kelly

Thehouseofkelly & Bloom Coco Go

How great would it be to bring your own favourite chair when you are going to visit someone?

Well for your little one that is possible! Bloom designed a chair called, the Coco Go Organic.

The seat pad is 100% organic cotton and the construction is made of solid birch wood.

The chair is perfect for baby Olivia-Fay. And the name Coco is perfect for a Coco Chanel lover like me.;)

In this video i will show you how easy peasy it is to take this chair with you.

Continue Reading