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Most of you know that i gave birth to our precious daughter, Olivia-Fay last July.

Luckily i had a very good pregnancy, felt really good, was still able to keep sports for 3 times a week and after i gave birth my body recovered really good and i was back in shape after a few weeks.

But a little treatment and massage for your body never hurt of course. Then i heard about LPG treatment.

It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, making skin soft and clean.

Sounds perfect to me and i was curious to try it. I had 5 treatments and i will tell you more about this treatment.

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My Outfits The House Of Kelly

Fur scarf & Treasure

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I found a treasure! An old treasure!

You might think a treasure hunt means diving in the ocean to find sunken ships or a box that is hidden in the woods….

Or you can search & find it in my closet! This blue faux fur scarf is still a beauty and since it’s winter here, he is my best friend.

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My Go to Places: Van der Valk Düsseldorf

My go-to-places By ThehouseofKelly.comDad & mom out for a night. For the first time since baby Olivia-Fay came into our life.

So yes without our babygirl. So excited!

Gerben and i love to go out together and this time we decided to go to our favourite city: Düsseldorf.

Little Olivia-Fay was at my parents, so in the best hands and shopping and relaxing time for us. Quality time is a big must as parents.

We booked hotel Van der Valk Düsseldorf. We had the best stay! I will show you why!

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My Outfits The House Of Kelly

Hello 2017 ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Happy new year to you all!

Wishing you the best year! For you and your loved ones!

Hope you had the best NYE! All i know is that the best cure for a hangover is being under the age of 25…. Hahah!

I have one question for you: Will you make it the best year?

Also in 2017 i will be here and i hope i will see you here as well!

Let’s bring it on! 2017 i’m ready for ya! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Would love to see your comment or questions.

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My Outfits The House Of Kelly

Goodbye 2016 ❤❤❤


Thank you 2016!

You were an amazing year! The best moment was giving birth to Olivia-Fay.

Such a tiny and little human being can bring you so much love…. Unbelievable.

I want to ask you one question: What was the best moment for you in 2016?

Wishing you the best NYE with lots of love & champagne!

Can’t wait to see you all again in 2017!

Much love from me and my family.❤❤❤

Would love to see your comment or questions.

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My Beauty My Outfits The House Of Kelly

Thehouseofkelly & Revitalash


When i was a younger girl ,around 13 or 14 years old, i started to use make-up.

There was one thing that i love the most, mascara.

Cause big and long eyelashes was something that really got my attention. After a while it became a obsession. Hahah!

I bought all the mascara’s that were out there. On saturdayevening i already started soon in the evening with my lashes.

When my lashes were on point, the night was on point. But altough how much i love lashes, fake lashes wasn’t and isn’t my kind of thing.

All i wanted was big and long NATURAL lashes. I wished that their was something that will make them grow.

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